What Beau Carnes is doing now

Updated March 19th, 2018.

I'm working full-time as a software developer at Elevator Up in Grand Rapids, MI.

Now that I'm finished with my first video course with Manning Publications about algorithms, I'm now working on a new course with Manning based on the book Grokking Deep Learning.

I'm in charge of the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel, which is one of YouTube's more popular software channels. I curate and publish all the non-live videos from various contributors.

I'm still creating and publishing my own tutorial videos about once a month. Here's one on web scraping in Node.js.

I occasionally contribute to the freeCodeCamp podcast. Here's an episode where I interviewed an expert in Machine Learning.

I frequently give advice to people that contact me about getting into a career in software development. I recently did an interview on this topic with a San Francisco-based organization.